Energy Cable Jacketing

V A R D I N ® PE jacketing compounds allow efficient cable production, easy installation and long cable lifetime Through buildings, streets, cities, in the sea, underground, overhead, cables are used to transfer energy around the world. 

Safety, reliability and longevity are of the highest importance.  As a cable jacket provides the outer protection of the cable, it is an essential component to provide system functionality through the cable lifetime. Choosing the right cable jacketing compound not only has a major influence on in-service performance, it can also have a significant impact on the total cost of cable systems including:

  • cable production,
  • transportation,
  • handling,
  • installation,
  • operation,
  • System maintainability.

V A R D I N ® PE jacket ensures the most reliable energy cable systems

The key considerations when choosing cable jacketing compounds are cable production, cable installation and cable lifetime.  V A R D I N offers a broad range of V A R D I N jacketing compounds specially designed for energy cables.  Although desired properties can vary among applications,

V A R D I N PE jacketing compounds are the best and most reliable choice because they:

allow highly efficient cable production with superior process ability and consistent quality;

make cable installations easier through excellent abrasion & scratch resistance and surface hardness;

Give a long cable lifetime as a result of substantially reduced shrinkage, excellent environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR), UV resistance, low water permeability, Fire retardant properties, rodent repellent and resistance to heat deformation and termites.

Continuous innovation for success

V A R D I N has a broad range of state-of-the-art compounds for the jackets of all communication cables. Together with our superb insulation and semi conductive products, we offer one-stop-shop solutions for energy cable systems.

We continuously listen to your needs and your technical challenges.  Through our innovation process we translate them into new, innovative products and solutions to ensure your continued success. 

V A R D I N®  Must be stocked in dry conditions below than 50°C and protected from UV rays. Improper storage conditions can cause degradation and have consequences on the physical properties of the product.

Shelf life is 2 years from the production date.